Mat 5:38-42; You Need Discernment from Wisdom.

Class Outline:

Wednesday July 10, 2024



We have to die to self. What does that mean?


Not non-existence but the removal from our hearts of any form of self-preservation. It is to identify self only in Christ.


Die to self is what the Lord has in mind in this teaching.


Lose the spirit of retaliation. (Hudson Taylor).

Indifferent to self-esteem, 1CO 4:1-5.

Indifferent to legal rights, and to the insistence of them.

Do with joy and energy the things that are demanded of us.

Give to the needy as if you own nothing.


The purpose is to show heaven to the world, JOH 20:30-31.


The spirit of the law guides us to evaluate each situation.


The teachings of Jesus in this instance are not for the state nor the believers relation to it. Rom 13

ROM 13:1-7, the Christian to the state.

ROM 13:8-14, The Christian to other individuals.


We still point out legitimate wrong in others at the proper time.


When is the proper time? Know the spirit of the law and be spiritual yourself.

MAT 18:15-18 (contrary to turn the other cheek?) Order in the church (1Co 14).

JOH 18:22-23 (contradiction?) Order in the court.

ACT 16:35-40 (contradiction?) Order in the state.


In all three cases the offender has violated the laws of God. Neither Jesus, nor Paul retaliated, but they did point out the violation of the good law of God, and then treated the offender with grace.


In every situation, no matter what it calls for, we are selfless and seeking the benefit of the other, while still upholding the laws the govern an ordered church and an ordered society.


This all applies to government and laws.


Our Lord condemns the attitude of disobedience to legitimate government authority. All resentment and bitterness is condemned by Him. If such matters occupy us and monopolize the center of our lives we are living the Christian life, to put it mildly, at the very lowest level.


The final point seems out of place, to give to those who ask and who borrow.


Who is in need?


We should say a word about need, although, you are not to adhere to any of my guidelines or me to yours, for we must all stand before the Lord. What about the lazy man who will not work? (2TH 3:10-13 - if they don’t work, they don’t eat). In the same category is the drug or alcohol addict. We are not to help others sin.


We are not mechanical or thoughtless - we have to know the spirit of the law and act spiritually and accordingly.


We must always be ready to listen and give the other the benefit of the doubt. And act accordingly when there is no doubt. If someone is in need and you can help, then the Lord demands that you do so with joy and vigor. 1JO 3:13-22