Mat 5:13; You Are the Blessing of Covenant Love to All Others (Salt of the Earth).

Class Outline:

Sunday May 12th 2024



Idea: The salt of the earth is a Christian who makes real, personal connections based upon God’s covenant love.  


Introduction: The Beatitudes. 


Progressive in order. 


Transposition of worldly values. What is highly esteemed in this world is of little value to God [click in] (LUK 16:15)


The Christian ethic is become what you are, not the Greek or Confucian ethic of “become what you should be.” Wholeness is at the beginning of performance and not at the end. This is why all the blessings are things that we already possess.


Effect of the apprentices of Christ on the world. 


Salt - covenant hospitality and preservation through the gospel. 


Light - good works that show righteousness to the world (life of Christ modeled). 


Keeper and teacher of the law of God - pointing to the source: Scripture / God. 


+1 heavenly conduct on earth (6 quotes; 3+3)


The Lord has made us and called us to be just like Him and bless the world.


You are the salt of the earth.


Salt’s usage in the ancient world: 


Flavor food (eggs) JOB 6:6Job’s suffering is not something tasty that he enjoys eating. He is giving reason to his unhelpful friends for his complaining.


Symbol of hospitality since it was used in meals and was prized. 


Arabic sayings, “There is salt between us.” “He has eaten my salt.” 


Preserved food. 


Killing - sown in salt (Carthage).


Used in sacrifices (LEV 2:13)


Summarize: blessing, hospitality, everlasting covenant, peace (reconciliation).


Loses its flavor - the main salt supply to the region was from the Dead Sea. Since it contained other minerals, the NaCl could wash away, leaving the other minerals behind, and the solid in the dish would diminish in potency. 


Jesus’ first warning in the sermon. What does it mean to be salty? Don’t be a coward and bend to the world and to fear.


The Greek word “loses its savor” also means to become foolish (1CO 1:20). 


Salty would then be an image for wisdom. But not wisdom sitting in your brain doing nothing outward or reaching out to others.


Covenant of salt: God’s sustenance of the priests ministering in the temple, He called a covenant of salt (NUM 18:19). 


Application: Taken together, “You yourselves are the very salt of the earth” means: reaching out and making real connections on the basis of an everlasting covenant of love. 


Salt is useless alone. Eaten alone it is awful (if you didn’t know what it did you wouldn’t want it ever). It has to touch, be mixed in, the food. If it is a mm away it does nothing. 


Hospitality: ROM 12:13; HEB 13:2; 1PE 4:9; 1TI 5:10. (overseers: 1TI 3:2; TIT 1:8). 


MAR 2:15-17; 9:50 - have salt in yourselves and be at peace with one another.


Jesus is not healing the sick in this case with miracles, but with hospitality. He is making a real connection with them and inviting them into the wisdom of the kingdom of heaven.


LUK 14:34 - context from vs. 25f. Is complete devotion to Christ. 


Our covenant of devotion, trust, and obedience to Him in all things. 


People are in need of real connections with the life of Christ, and the Lord Jesus has designed the age of the church for that connection to come from the church (individually and group). 


MAT 9:10-13, “Why is your teacher eating with tax-collectors and sinners?” … I desire mercy and not sacrifice (HOS 6:6).” 


Do not let your religion supersede the need of another that can be met by the salt of the earth.


The salt of the earth are those who extend hospitality (common meal of peace), offering eternal love (preservation) in a covenant of brotherhood (offering - reconciliation and peace with God and man).


It is a very real connection, offering self to another for the purpose of brotherhood, and thereby preserving their souls by fulfilling their need for God and family (brotherhood, sisterhood, the bond of love).


This makes the church the most significant people on the planet.