Mat 5:10-12; Resolving to Be Rejoicing and Happy.

Class Outline:

Thursday May 9, 2024


Idea: The believer must resolve to rejoice and be happy, adjusting his heart accordingly, because Christ demands it. 


MAT 5:10-12, Christ commands us to rejoice and be exceedingly happy.

How do we fulfill these commandments?


1Pe 4 - the road to rejoicing and being exceedingly happy.  


A life not ruled by sin (4:1).

Christ suffered for our sins in His flesh and so we are to arm ourselves with the same mind. 


Armed with the mind of Christ and not a physical weapon (2CO 10:1-6). 


“cease” is a perfect tense: consistently godly.


We suffered from sin. 

Our own sin - we are convinced that sin will only bring suffering no matter how it is disguised. 


We see others suffer with their sins and mourn for them. 


We see the sin-sufferers persecute us and we mourn for them while offering mercy and peace. 



Remembering what sin did to us (4:2-3), Reminder of the life of the sinner. 


Our common past, no matter our tastes for our sins of choice brought heaps of suffering upon us and others. 


Fallen man without God has many devices (ECC 7:29). 


Not taking persecution personal (4:4-6), Persecuted because you are different. 


Maligned (MAT 5:11, insults, persecutions, speaking evil because of Christ).


4:5, do not take your own vengeance, not even hidden anger, bitterness, and no gossip or slander about them to anyone else. (“Do you know what so-and-so said to me… did to me?”)


4:6, the gospel is given to all. 


Taking into account periodically that this life and its sufferings are temporary (4:7), this situation will not go on forever. 


Be sober, wise, and prayerful (1PE 5:8). 


While in the world, we resolve to love and serve others as Christ (4:8-11), While this situation is going on, love and serve one another. 


You will not be blessed or rejoicing or exceedingly glad unless you are serving others and have lost sight of self (poor in spirit).



Not being shocked at what happens in this world, and remembering that you can be like Christ which is the ultimate joy (4:12-14), Do not be surprised. 


Reminder about sin from vv. 1-3 (4:15-18), Do not suffer deservedly. 


4:19, Trust God. 


Application: How does one resolve to be happy? 


We first come to know and be convinced that you have to by order from Christ.


Then we have to arrange our hearts for that purpose, Rom 12. 


If you are miserable it is your own fault. You have chosen it. 


Joy will come to those who align their hearts with Christ’s - it is the secret and it is that easy. 


The miserable refuse to submit to the authority of Christ.