Mat 5-7; Personality Profile and Job Description of Christ’s Apprentice – Not What Anyone Expects.

Class Outline:

Sunday March 17, 2024


Intro: God has a heart for the broken, but they must act upon His mercy. JDG 2:1-3.


The born-again believer has one calling, and that is to be an apprentice (disciple) to Jesus Christ. There is no other way. The believer must obey the Son of God, his King and Lord and one and only Savior. 


Our potential for failure lies in our beginnings. We are all born in Adam, born in sin, separate from God, enemies of God, and children of disobedience.


We can hear Christ’s words and agree that He is true. We can even mourn over our failure so far to live up to His words. 


JDG 2:4-5


But did they change? Keep reading. They did not. 


We have to act on Christ’s words (MAT 7:24-25).


Main: Overview of the Sermon on the Mount.


Mat 1-4 is an introduction that identifies and confirms Jesus of Nazareth as the Messiah.


Matthew then sets forth Jesus’ teaching and works. He already summarized it in 4:23-25, but now he will begin with his first of five long discourses given by the Lord.


Mat 5-9 presents the Lord’s teaching and works.


Mat 5-7 First of five major sermons presented by Matthew.


It is life, not theology. Theology is definitions about life; needed for understanding, but not an end in itself.


Idea: Christ’s personality profile, habits, and job description of His apprentices are not what anyone expects, and demands doing for understanding.


All believers are called to be Jesus’ apprentices. 


Opening section (MAT 5:1-12): who you are, what you do, what is done to you. 


Who you are: poor in spirit, meek, merciful, pure in heart, persecuted for righteousness. 


What you do: hunger and thirst for righteousness, make peace (peacemaker could be under “who you are”), mourn. 


Done to you: insulted and persecuted on account of Christ. 


That type of person (an apprentice) is shown how he or she will impact the world. 


Salt of the earth. Light of the world. Keeper of commandments who teaches others to do the same. 


The above is 3, but there is a +1. He understands the full reality of the commandments of the Law (in this one, heaven meets the earth). 



That type of person (an apprentice) is shown the disciplines that lead to worshiping God. 


The three: Giving. Praying. Fasting. 


+1 Attitude towards wealth. (Seek first His kingdom; in this one earth meets heaven)


That type of person is shown how he relates to the world (Mat 7). 


Do not judge. Do not give what is holy to dogs. Ask, seek, knock. Do to others as you would have them do to you. Enter the narrow gate. Beware of false prophets. 


Final word: You can hear and do or you can hear and not do. 

Rain, flood, and wind are going to come upon every person. 


You can be the house on the rock or the sand, depending on your obedience in doing what He says here.