Sharing the happiness of God, part 4; Cosmic #1; John 15:11

Class Outline:

Title: Sharing the happiness of God, part 4; John 15:11.


Are there any coincidences in the plan of God?

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Today you sent out an email about the dollar bill which has 13's all over it, and with the 13 stars above the eagle in the shape of the star of David - Israel being God's first client nation.


Room #13: Client nation arrogance. While political arrogance is the decline of honor and integrity in a political theory of government, client nation arrogance is the decline of honor and integrity among the people of the client nation to God, plus its leadership.




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This is the inevitable result of the shrinking pivot. And by the way, not all great governments have to be republics.


There are three forms of government which biblically in application or in biblical statement are good forms of government. The first is monarchy. By definition, monarchy is the rule of one man in the interests of common good. On the arrogance side it is tyranny, it is the rule of one man for his own advantage. A second form of government which is good is called aristocracy. This is the rule of a group in the interests of common good. But there is a bad form under arrogance — oligarchy, which is the rule of a group for their own benefit. The third form of government which is good is called republic. By definition republic is the rule of the better part of the people in the interests of common good. This is not democracy. Democracy does exist, it is on the evil side. Democracy is defined as the rule of the worst part of the people for their own benefit. Beyond democracy is anarchy. Democracy is merely controlled anarchy or bribed anarchy (by welfare, for example). A bribed anarchy is called democracy where you pay people so they won’t upset the apple cart.


Prosperity of the nation depends on virtue and not the panaceas of government programs. Believers develop virtue by their own PVTD and unbelievers develop establishment virtue by following the laws of divine establishment.


Client nation arrogance is the collective arrogance of the people involved in cosmic one. Therefore, political arrogance and client nation arrogance are not the same. In political arrogance it is the decline of integrity in political theory but in client nation it is the decline of integrity among people.


Room #14: Authority arrogance. The failure of children to make the transition from authority in the home to freedom in life.


This is a principle of divine establishment and so it applies to believer and unbeliever children.


The child, through arrogance and preoccupation with self, fails to make the most difficult transition of temporal life, the transition from authority in the home to freedom in life. Success in this transition is the development of genuine humility from the organized authority of the home.


Failure in this transition results in immaturity and a maladjusted life that will not lead to freedom but continued slavery by turning to drugs, alcohol, criminality, welfare dependence, or relationship dependence (usually for a girl who is a slave to another male who promises to provide).


Rejection of authority in life leads to the rejection of inner authority of the soul, and this destroys your own self-discipline and your own enforced humility.


Ultimately in life under freedom your soul is an organization, and the authority, the soul is divine institution #1. The soul has self-consciousness, mentality, emotion, volition, norms and standards in that right lobe we call the conscience.


Genuine humility is acquired over a period of time through the proper use of self-discipline and enforced humility.


If you are capable of making your own good decisions as a mature adult then, of course, you are going to be able to handle a lot of things in life; you are going to be a mature person.


Those decisions are based upon the principle of enforced humility. So it always occurs that when you reject overt authority in life you reject your own authority, you have no respect for yourself and your decisions in life.


Finally it comes to be such a terrible thing in the interlock with Room #1 where you come to the point of a guilt complex that you try to escape it. You may use drugs of one form or another, or some other system of trying to compensate for your failure to run your own life, to use your own volition and to make your own bad decisions. This means that you have failed under the most basic principle of living.


This is rampant in America today.


Room #15: The arrogance of ignorance. The inability to go from ignorance of doctrine at salvation to cognizance at maturity.


The two most difficult problems in life are related to the transitions in the temporal and spiritual realms. The most difficult transition, again, in life is to go from authority in the home to freedom as an adult. That is the transition that many people never make.


The second greatest transition in life, chronologically, is this one. Each transition requires a basic virtue. Genuine humility is the basic virtue which results from making the transition from authority to freedom.


Perception of doctrine is the basic Christian habit for making the transition from ignorance to cognizance, i.e. darkness to light.


Perception of doctrine requires motivation, objectivity, concentration, and the filling of the Holy Spirit.


The arrogance of ignorance is failure to function in your very own predestination from God, which makes up God’s provision for your life to fulfill your election and therefore your destiny.


This room has dire consequences. 


The arrogance of ignorance is the believer living without knowledge of doctrine which results in the involvement in cosmic one and cosmic two with emotion controlling the soul rather than the truth of the word of God.


The arrogance of ignorance corrupts power, authority, talent, success, self-sacrifice, promotion, genius, wealth, social life, business life, sexual life, but above all, spiritual life. This room fifteen is a room of dark corruption as it destroys your entire life.



1 Tim 6:6

But godliness is a means of great gain, when accompanied by contentment.


Room #16: The arrogance of unhappiness. Self-centeredness and preoccupation with self eliminates any capacity for happiness. Involvement in cosmic one guarantees unhappiness.


It also leads to erroneous ideas about what constitutes happiness, resulting in the arrogant unhappy person demanding attention and expecting everyone to make him happy.


The myth of arrogance is that people, entertainment, marriage, wealth etc. can make you happy, and it is a myth. It is an illusion where you’re never told what the trick is.


People cannot make you happy. Entertainment cannot make you happy. Entertainment is for happy people, not arrogant people. Likewise marriage. Marriage is for happy people. Unhappy people have unhappy marriages.


Those who have the arrogance of unhappiness usually have a martyr complex associated with it. This results in trying to control people by giving them a guilt complex if they don’t go along with you. This is the arrogance of unhappiness. The nagging wife or bitter husband has sudden ill health until they get their way with their children or spouse. A person with the arrogance of unhappiness wants to make everyone feel miserable until they do what they want them to do.


Therefore the arrogance of unhappiness seeks to dominate its environment and enslave everyone in it.


Room #17: The arrogance of disillusion and disenchantment. This is iconoclastic arrogance which falsely elevates a person to a pedestal and then smashes him down when they see his feet of clay.


This is known as the feel of clay syndrome, arrogance in divorcing itself from reality takes people from its environment and creates them into an idle of perfection — a romantic image, an honorable image, an image of greatness. Then when the idol shows its old sin nature then the person is shot.


Arrogance creates an idol of enchantment and then becomes disillusioned and disenchanted.


Arrogance demands attention and once the attention is lacking the arrogant creator of the idol looks for flaws. Finding the flaws the feet of clay always emerge. There is disenchantment and the arrogant creator of the idle seeks to destroy the idle which he himself created. That is arrogance.


Genuine humility never destroys romance and true love but arrogance fantasizes romance and love into an image of unreality which does not exist in any place we call planet Earth except maybe in Hollywood.


Therefore disappointments always occur. Perhaps the one word that describes the function of this gate is disappointment — with friends, loved ones, pastors, bosses, rulers. Disenchantment with people in general is the picture here.


Room #18: The arrogance of morality. Morality is a part of Christianity but it is not Christianity. Those with moral arrogance will in self-righteousness superimpose their false standards of Christianity on others to the exclusion of grace.


Most people think that a truly and completely moral person is a wonderful believer. Certainly morality is a part of Christianity but morality is not Christianity. Morality is for the unbeliever as well as the believer.


The self-righteous arrogance of superimposing false standards of morality on others is the picture here, however.


When a system of morality created by arrogance is superimposed on true establishment morality or Christian spirituality the result is the arrogance of morality. This is an interlock with room eight as a rule — crusader arrogance.


This is how the government comes to have powers that were never assigned to it under the Constitution and the bill of rights.


Crusaders come along and get the government to help them. Pass a law to forbid this or that or the other thing so that my standard of morality can be superimposed on all people. A law was just signed by the president that gives the secret service the right to remove your first amendment right to freedom of speech, religion, and the press in certain locations that are deemed spatially too close to the president or any other government official if it is in disagreement with their views. Under this law they can arrest you without warning.


You must allow people their own privacy, unless they are minors or criminals. The arrogance of morality overworks morality and assigns functions to it which God never attended — such as salvation by morality or spirituality by morality. Morality protects human freedom and is for believer and unbeliever. Morality is a good thing.