Does Jesus Christ mention you during His First Advent?


Grace and Truth Ministries:

John 10:14 – 16

Are you mentioned by Christ during the First Advent?



God the Father and God the Son loved one another in EP based upon what they knew about each other – they both possessed perfect righteousness and shared perfect happiness.



The love relationship between the believer and Christ truly is a dream come true because this is the only relationship anywhere that nurtures sharing the happiness of God.



If God is going to share His happiness with people in time there must be a way He can share it through love. God cannot share His happiness without love.



“I put on the line this soul of mine as a substitute for the sheep.”



Christ’s propitiation liberated God’s love. Love has to be free to express itself. God’s love was freed through the cross, and only by way of the cross.



The first one is eteros, which means other of a different kind; and the second is allos which means other of the same kind. The word found in this verse is allos.



So this is a reference to Gentile believers in the Church Age. And in the Church Age there will be no Jew or Gentile; Christ being the Chief Cornerstone will unite the two into one.



When He says, “I have” He uses the present active indicative of the verb echo, which means to keep on having and always having.



“them also” – believers of the Church Age; “I must bring” is literally, “It is necessary for me to lead.” The Greek word dei should be translated, “it is necessary.”  “To lead” – to lead into green pastures.



Green pastures is a reference to all the tremendous doctrines of the Church Age which will bring the beyond comprehension blessings of Church Age election.



He will never quit on you, He will always be your beautiful Shepherd, He will always love you having full knowledge of you, His salvation is eternally secure, and He will always lead you towards ultimate prosperity.



The question is, by our own volition/self-determination, will we follow Him?



And God graciously provides information regarding that plan whereby he can function as a priest, and as an ambassador, so he can become spiritually self-sustaining, and becoming self-sustaining he can represent the Lord in full time Christian service.



In other words, just because there is a change of dispensation it doesn’t cancel out green pastures. The Lord provided doctrine for believers in the previous dispensation; He provides doctrine for believers in this dispensation. The difference is that the pastures in the CA are greener and more bountiful by far.




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