Mat 5:38-42; Divine Love in the Believer Is Without Judgment.

Sunday July 7, 2024


Idea: The Christian is to extend God’s love to all people (evil and good) and to leave all judgment to God. 


Introduction: Love comes first and then judgment. 


Love is offered first in the hope of faith (repentance) unto salvation - deliverance from sin and death. 


Judgment must come on all who reject God’s offer of love (in the person of Messiah), but never from believers. 


The believer who loves will be confronted by evil people. 


All are confronted by evil people - what separates the apprentice is how you respond. 


Jesus exhorts His apprentices to respond like heaven - seeing what the worldly esteem as detestable in comparison to what heaven esteems (Luk 16:10-15).


In this way alone are you truly salting the earth and enlightening the world. 


Jesus means every word of what He says here, and fortunately for most Christians, the circumstances that occur here are not very common. 


But the heart of the poor in spirit, mourning, and meek (weak) is seen manifested - at work. (weak is strong when the desire is heaven and the power is Christ). 


The four instances: 


They dishonor you (slap) but do not seek regress. 


Slapping the right cheek with a backhand was an insult to someone’s honor. It wasn’t for inflicting bodily harm. The offender could be charged in court and forced to pay a penalty. Jesus tells us not to seek the payment, wonderfully emphasizing that with the image of giving the other cheek. 


Jesus is telling us not to seek a settlement for a strike against our earthly honor. Your honor, reputation means nothing when the gospel is the issue. Plus, your honor comes from Him, not the people in the world. This demands faith.


Application to Jesus: Isa 50:6; Mat 26:67-68. Paul: 2Co 11 ; 1Co 9:19.


They take you to judgment, even for basic needs, give them all. 


A shirt would be set down as collateral for a pledge. 


According to the law, the pledge of a cloak could not be kept overnight in the case of the poor who needed them for warmth. 


The point of the law was for societal order under justice and not personal hurt (great point in order to understand vengeance vs. justice). 


The fight of the kingdom of heaven is not in the courts of the earth, Mat 6:25f.   


Application to Jesus: Mat 27:35 (Psa 22:18). Paul 2Co 11:25, 27



They oppress you and force you to do and go - do so heartily. 


Aggareuo is the verb (“forces you to go”) - the required work of a mounted postal officer. 


One other use is for Simon who was forced to carry the Lord’s cross. 


Roman soldier could force a subject to be a porter for his equipment.


Jesus says that however far that Roman soldier, who you see as an enemy, forces you to go, go with him double the amount. 


To do so for anyone was remarkable, but for your enemy was unheard of. 


Application to Jesus: Joh 19:17 He had to bear His own cross to be crucified. (and Simon was aggareuo into helping Him carry it)


On top of all that, they ask from you - give. 


Jesus does not specify friend or foe, nor specifically money. 


The practical (earthly) ones who fear the consequences forget 2Co 9:6-15.


This is the new relationship of the believer in this age with God. He is indwelt by the Holy Spirit, under the New Covenant; a citizen of heaven – not of this world living in complete trust.


Jesus application: Gal 2:20 “gave Himself up for me;” Mat 20:28 “to give His life a ransom for many.” Paul: Php 3:7 “I count all things as loss for the sake of Christ.”


Application: Why love and do good to and pray for evil people, and your enemies? 


The mindset and behavior of the worldly minded Christian cannot love the weak or the evil because … 


Concerned about your materials. 

Concerned about your reputation. 

Concerned about winning. 

Concerned about looking weak. 


The mindset and behavior of the spiritually / heavenly minded Christian.


Be sons of your Father in heaven who blesses the good and bad. 




Perfect (complete) like He is. 


To be extraordinary, Mat 5:47 (pertaining to that which is not ordinarily encountered, extraordinary, remarkable). 




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