: Ephesians– overview of 3:1-9; The Secret of the Ages, part 18 (Overcoming sin and suffering).

Wednesday September 4, 2019

The mystery, which is the Person of Christ, the indwelling of Christ, and the fellowship of the body of Christ has given all believers a standing in righteousness and a holy walk in life. As we explore this topic we come to see that our eyes come to focus on the ministry of the Holy Spirit within us.


Gal 5:25 If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit.


Since every Christian has been made alive by the Holy Spirit it is only fitting that we conduct our lives by the same Spirit.


It is a characteristic of all believers that they are made alive or born-again through the Holy Spirit’s baptism and that they now live by the Spirit of God.


This is the fulfillment of the mystery in us. The Secret of the Ages has come and we are the beneficiaries of His accomplishment, the fulfillment of God’s promises. The mystery in us, Christ in us, is not content with a righteous standing only without a holy walk in all things of life. We were once sleepers, and now we are awake. The mystery has opened our eyes.


We also noted how Paul puts it in Eph 5.


Eph 5:1 Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children;


Eph 5:2 and walk in love, just as Christ also loved you, and gave Himself up for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God as a fragrant aroma.


“walk in love” – conduct your life every day and in every circumstance in the love of God (just as Christ loves you).


Eph 5:3 But do not let immorality or any impurity or greed even be named among you, as is proper among saints;


Eph 5:4 and there must be no filthiness and silly talk, or coarse jesting, which are not fitting, but rather giving of thanks.


Eph 5:5 For this you know with certainty, that no immoral or impure person or covetous man, who is an idolater, has an inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God.


Some interpret this as Paul trying to scare us with the loss of inheritance, but that is not true. It is just as he has done in the letter to the Galatians.


Eph 5:5-6 refers to the unbeliever and his slavery.

Gal 5:21

I forewarn you just as I have forewarned you that those who practice (present participle – habitual, continual) such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.


Rom 8:5

For those who are according to the flesh (present participle = continually) set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who are according to the Spirit, the things of the Spirit.


The NT tells us plainly that every believer has inherited the kingdom of God.


Heb 12:28-29

Therefore, since we receive a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us show gratitude, by which we may offer to God an acceptable service with reverence and awe; for our God is a consuming fire.


Col 1:13

For He delivered us from the domain of darkness, and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son,


Paul says, “This you know with certainty, that no unbeliever, a born slave under sin and death, has an inheritance with God, and since you are subjects of God’s kingdom, why in any way live under sin and death.”


It is the most compelling argument because it is based on a reality accomplished by the most astounding act the world has ever seen, the cross of Jesus Christ.


Eph 5:6 Let no one deceive you with empty words [lies concerning our life in Christ], for because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience.


Paul uses the phrase “the sons of disobedience” for the spiritually dead in Eph 2.


Eph 5:7 Therefore do not be [present middle imperative] partakers with them;


“partakers” – summetochos – partake together with (partake of their life – your old one)


By using the verb ginomai in the present middle, as opposed to using the verb for fellowship, it is a command to not ever become the type of person who partners himself with the lifestyle of the unsaved. The emphasis seems to be more on us than on the actual partaking, meaning that if we are people of a certain type then we would have no desire to partake of the life of the unsaved world. He continues this line of reasoning.


Eph 5:8 for you were formerly (you were at one time) darkness, but now you are (imperfect active indicative) light in the Lord; walk as children of light


The imperfect of the verb “to be.”


The imperfect tense portrays what exists, focusing on the state and not the action. “You are (have been, are, and always will be) light in the Lord.”


Paul’s argument continues on the same basis, clear and simple. The fact is that you are a new creature, redeemed, elected, adopted, predestined, foreknown, so that you may be holy and blameless. Nothing can change that fact, and so the argument is made, don’t you think you should know, comprehend, understand, and live your life according to the new humanity you are and fully reject everything that has to do with the old, fallen humanity?


Do not sit down at the negotiation table and make a treaty with any sin. All sin, all of the flesh must go and our sole alliance, our sole dependence for anything good and satisfying must come from the Lord God and none other.


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